Ridding Ourselves of a Mortgage

Today we made another big decision to make another large lump sum payment into the mortgage principal. I just moved some funds around to make this possible. By next Friday we will have more than cut our mortgage in half since Jan 1, 2012. That’s insane. We plan to still continue paying down an extra $1000 a month on the principal and making additional lump sums as money comes in. The glorious freedom is now in sight!

I also just realized that this is the best year to rid ourselves of this mortgage. I have tentatively done our taxes for 2011 ( I say tentatively because I also double check them and I have yet to do that). Our itemized deductions were only slightly over the standard deductions and if we are paying less in interest this year, we’ll just be paying out money for no reason with no tax benefit. More on that later.


Rachel Merchand Abplanalp
I am ProLife, a defender of the Creator of the Universe, a lover of Nathan, a photographer, a web developer, a musician, a friend. I love life & I love you.

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