Never Stop Seeking

There are so many topics I feel bubbling up inside of me. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Share my thoughts in a way people could absorb them at their own pace. To be moved to think beyond one’s own thoughts, but never to dictate the “right” way. I believe the biggest mistake we make in life is assuming we know everything and that our way is the best way. I know I’ve been guilty of this many times. My 2 person monologues were finally getting old – even to myself:) One day my former boss suggested I try more of a probing question approach when trying to gain favor within a project – this would allow the team to full be on board or not. They could form their own opinion – which, in turn, gave them a sense of belonging and an open dialogue – not a dictation.

Everyone wants to believe that they think for themselves. However, if you watch tv, listen to the radio, browse the internet., you are bombarded by ads… and even worse for the ladies who like the check out magazines. They tell us how we should look, what we need, where we should go – if you see it enough times, you start to believe it – even I kinda want a snuggy now:) Let’s just say you don’t do any of those (and only a minimum of web browsing, since you are reading this blog:)), after attending a church service, do you just take that person for their word? Do you discuss the sermon outside of church and outside of the members of that church? Do you run to your Bible to ensure you are receiving sound doctrine?

We want to be confident that we can believe those in “high” position. We rely on them for our own spiritual development, to be confirmed in our convictions, and possibly to sway or even make our decisions. On the contrary, the Bible tells us to never stop seeking for the truth and that it is our own personal choice to follow God. Counsel should not only compliment your convictions, but most importantly, the Bible must be the foundation and specific scripture should be referenced during to allow the one(s) being counseled to reference later.

I believe that God speaks to us even today, however, He never contradicts His word. Be leery of personal interpretations – your own or others! I’ve heard many preachers in my day claim the Holy Spirit spoke to them about a certain topic or verse and after reading the Bible, I have beg to differ. Which has added to my wonderment,   “taking the Lord’s name in vain” applies more to claiming God told one to do or say something, more so than saying the name of Jesus or God out of context?

Nonetheless, I urge you to never stop seeking, to never let your Bible get dusty, to not be over taken with churchy words, to only accept what is Biblically sound, to never let one man or one women become God in your heart.


Rachel Merchand Abplanalp
I am ProLife, a defender of the Creator of the Universe, a lover of Nathan, a photographer, a web developer, a musician, a friend. I love life & I love you.

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