Let the Insanity Be Tamed.

I love late nights, where the house is still, the city is quiet(er) and I am alone. Avoiding sleep to hold  tomorrow til the next sunrise. Brand new melodies play thru my speakers… always awakens something from deep within me. The place where passions lie – much easier than making space elsewhere for them. Life is exciting, eventful, insane, and so very far from relaxing. Never enough time in the day to rest, but somehow there must be a sabbath. I know the world will not fall apart if I postpone my responsibilities for just 24 hours, but oh how lazy it seems to sit while there is much to do. So here’s to busy week days/nights and one entire day removed from email, twitter, facebook, life  and devoted to relaxation. We can do this!


Rachel Merchand Abplanalp
I am ProLife, a defender of the Creator of the Universe, a lover of Nathan, a photographer, a web developer, a musician, a friend. I love life & I love you.

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