Happy New Year

Each new year we shut the door to the year before and open a new one to a fresh start and brand new chapter. Some of us set resolutions, goals, hopes, and while I’m usually not one of those people, this year will be an exception. Since meeting Nate, starting a business together, getting married and trying to establish a few timelines for the future, there has had to be much more planning for the both of us. I think most people perceive me to be a planner, but in the more recent months, I beg to differ. I feel like I fly by the skin of my teeth and wonder how anyone else less organized than myself gets bills paid on time, remembers dinner dates, birthdays, anniversaries and has time to think…

Somehow in the last month, Nate and I decided we were ready for a puppy. I’m not sure where this came from. I’m not really a dog person. Most people’s dogs are not appealing to me, but I think that is mainly because they lack training and boundaries. We started looking at breeders while we were in Scotland on our honeymoon and finally brought home our sweet little Hazel yesterday morning. She was all cute and cuddly until 11PM last night. She just about howled and yelped non-stop until 6:45AM. I think I have seen a new, very unhappy, side of Nate:) On a good note, we didn’t cave and bring her into bed with us. We are hoping for a better night tonight:)

Aside from our goal of owning our very first puppy and training her to be amazing in every situation, we wanted to make some good decisions for our business. I working full time and trying to work 2 additional, what seem like, full time jobs was a tad bit too much and I’ll just be assisting Nate with weddings and not skipping out on engagement and bridal sessions. We’ve been marketing ourselves as a husband and wife team and decided that was becoming super cliche and we really want to push Nate, since he’s AMAZING! My main contribution to the business will be paperwork, marketing, sales, accounting, customer relations and all that fun stuff. We also hope to train some second shooters to assist Nate on occasion and possibly work me out of the shooting equation.

For our biggest goal of all (hopefully it won’t be training Hazel), we have decided to push forward and pay off our townhouse. It’ll be one year of paying a few lump sums and 230% each month. We think it’s worth the sacrifice to reap a 3 digit living expense afterwards. Our month “rent” will really only be our taxes and small little home owners association fee. How crazy will that be!? Gone will be the days of paying some bank $350+ a month worth of interest. YUCK!

We still hope to make it to Switzerland to visit Jenny and Lukas and Denver, Seattle, Wenatchee – I think those are all do-able as long as we don’t get any curve balls out of left field:)

Cheers to a new year, new hope and new possibilities:)


Rachel Merchand Abplanalp
I am ProLife, a defender of the Creator of the Universe, a lover of Nathan, a photographer, a web developer, a musician, a friend. I love life & I love you.

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