Feeling Blessed

Ever feel like God answers our prayers before we even pray them? Nathan and I have been working so hard, that it’s hard to find time to spend together (that’s not photography work), exercise, spend time with friends, spend time with God… I trail off because that is sad and a, some what, ridiculous concept. We are nothing without Him. No wonder our lives have been overwhelmingly stressful. I do, however, love it when we finally figure out what is missing in our day to day.

This weekend started out with over sleeping for our 8am meeting… however, we made it on time – Praise God! We shot a wedding in the afternoon/evening. It really made me excited for my own day. I’ve started to see Nate in a different way and fall more in love with him as the days draw near to our wedding. He is one amazing guy, completely worth the 28 and three-fourth year wait 100 times over!!!

We spent some time in prayer last night. It was such an incredible way to end the weekend and start a week. I find it amazing how well God knows us. One of my prayers was for our clients to see God through us. I woke up this morning from a very restful night of sleep (answer to prayer #1) and checked out business email account. One of our clients wrote us a lovely email that made me smile, but actually brought tears to my eyes as I read the words, “Seriously, you are such beautiful people, and you exude God’s love.” I pray that God allows us to maintain this as our business grows. We are blessed.


Rachel Merchand Abplanalp
I am ProLife, a defender of the Creator of the Universe, a lover of Nathan, a photographer, a web developer, a musician, a friend. I love life & I love you.

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