Catching Up

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written much anything other than an email or a list. It’s been a season of work… much, much work. I used to think I worked hard with only a few hours of sleep every night. I’ve come to realize true work makes your realize that even 7 hours of sleep a night is not enough to rejuvenate oneself. That led me to a mattress store to browse options and walking away with a $4000 mattress set for a mere $1500. It truly is like sleeping on air. I highly recommend buying floor models – as long as they look clean and haven’t been in the store for ages – the savings is incredible. Anyhow, back to my story on hard work.

In the past 6 months, I’ve successfully learned much about the art of photography – how to capture moments lost otherwise, how to make light draw unknown emotion, and how aching one’s feet and back can be after a day long shoot. My involvement in the wedding process goes far beyond photography – all the way to hair stylist, web site designer, graphics designer, and idea guru. I’m finding that this art form involves so many things that I love – now if we could only throw music into the mix – a song on the wedding website does not count – for me at least. Oh my love for music, where have you gone? It’s been dry for some time now. I am embarrassed to say my beautiful collection of instruments are collecting dust. What an insult to the world? I would so happen to agree. Maybe writing this blog will embarrass me even further to the point that I will no longer use excuses to avoid the melodies.

On top of discovering a new art form, I’ve been the marketing, sales, administrative assistant / office administrator, web site designer, lawyer (I successfully wrote a REALLY good contract… 4 of them, to be exact), financial adviser. Needless to say, building a business with Nathan has been insane, stressful, a TON of work, and seriously just fun. Our office is situated just so. All of my “junk” has been moved out to hold all of our office equipment, props, packaging and paperwork. Some might think – what on earth would take up that much room. 2 large glass desks (thanks to Craigslist & the Nease’s), tea table (every office should have one), a mirror so I dont have to turn around to see Nate’s screen when he asks my opinion on which photo to select – we still need to buy roller mats so it’s less difficult to move, a bookshelf containing an assortment of antique cameras – they are highly inspiring, 2 more shelving units to hold packing, mailers, contracts, etc… our walls are littered by a white board, cork board, chalkboard (right now it says, “You Rock Rachel, ps: I love you” – complete with a guitar and music notes – Nate’s a charmer, for sure:)), plaques certifying my achievements of how long lectures… somehow we have managed to not hang photos? We sit back to back – I’m sure this helps us focus, though we’d much rather sit facing each other:) Possibly when we move into a bigger place.

To continue with the insanity known as my life…

With the help of my managers, we decided that Project Management would be an amazing career move for me. I’m a natural leader and organizer and I’ve been in IT for over 10 years now, so it was on to classes to formalize my training and knowledge. So far I have made it thru two 8 week classes. I have one moreĀ  8 week class to complete – it starts next week. I am anxious to be done. This program has been very informative, but takes a great deal of time – something I’m already running low on. I believe I should be done just in time for us to hire someone to replace my current position.

This past weekend was a celebration of 10 months of hard work, iron-in-the-fire, and pure, complete love with my best friend, Nathaniel Grant Abplanalp. He brings my life so much joy, perspective, friendship, and sweet love. My life is so much more incredible than it ever has been. Tomorrow we leave for Colorado for a short holiday to visit his family and friends. God blessed us with upgraded tickets in first class. This means a lovely dinner, complete with wine, large cushy seats, and beautiful leg room. I can’t wait to share photos from our trip. I’ve seen so many incredible photos that Nate has taken of Colorado and I can’t wait to put to use all of my knowledge I’ve gained. I’m excited… can you tell?


Rachel Merchand Abplanalp
I am ProLife, a defender of the Creator of the Universe, a lover of Nathan, a photographer, a web developer, a musician, a friend. I love life & I love you.

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